Anything Goes Mystery Pack

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Anything Goes Mystery Pack
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Very limited quantity, the WCW Anything Goes mystery pack is a fun surprise. You won't know what you're getting until they arrive in your mailbox. 
These contain a wide assortment of items. Possibilities include cotton or bamboo blend flats or preflats, cotton or bamboo clothing either mass produced and embellished (dyed, appliqued or embroidered) or handmade, wool care (ebars, lanolin spray or solid lanolin), or wool (diapering wool or mitts). Not every pack has every category, but not pack is all one category (all wool care, all shirts, all wool, etc). 
  • These are prepackaged- no requests, please
  • Shipping included
  • Sizes are labeled by what is on tags, not necessarily age they will fit
  • Assortment of approximately 5 items
  • Packs labeled as girly may also have gender neutral items in them
  • These are final sale.
  • Cannot combine with previous purchases or other discounts or coupons
  • Average retail value is around $75
  • Some recently stocked items, some older items that haven't been seen in a long time
  • Some have been stored awhile and may be dusty, have scuffs, bent tags
  • If you have strong pet allergies I don't recommend these packs, I do have pets and some of these items may have pet dander or stray pet hairs from sitting for a long time in open topped storage drawers

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