Added Inseam-Fall

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Added Inseam-Fall

This listing is for added inseam only. If you need a certain size and it is not listed under the style you are ordering, this listing is for you. 

Leave in notes: What item you want inseam added to if multiple items are in your order and exact desired inseam in whole numbers only.

To use this listing add the base style you are looking for ( weggings, longies, shorties, skinnies etc) in the base size ( XS, S,SL, M, ML etc.) to your cart. Then add this listing with the desired added inseam to your cart. Please note that the maximum amount of inseam added to one piece is +6. Also, please put in the notes the exact size/style your ordering. 

If you want a board short style, with the hem falling closer to the knee, most popular is to add 2-3". If you would like a capri style, with the hem falling towards the calf, most popular is to add 4-6". This is just a guideline, your best bet is to measure your particular child and determine where you'd like the hem to fall. If you are ordering a tapered style (short skinnies or short weggings) the taper will be followed as if it were the long style. If you prefer to NOT follow the taper and leave the hem at the original thigh opening width, please leave a note specifying this. 

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