WCW Bamboo Stretchy Bamboo Velour PreFlat Diaper- Cosmic Clash

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WCW Bamboo Stretchy Bamboo Velour PreFlat Diaper- Cosmic Clash
WCW Bamboo Stretchy Bamboo Velour PreFlat Diaper- Cosmic Clash
These are bamboo cotton velour
Made from the original preflat pattern by Juice Box Diapers combined with the quality and originality of WCW, these diapers are the perfect hybrid of flats and prefolds.
A few of the features of preflats:
*No closures or elastic to wear out 
*No elastic design is gentle on the skin
*No elastic gathers also mean easy rinsing and quicker drying
*Extended wings allow the perfect fit for even the fluffiest of tummies
*Very little folding needed! The simplest use is to place under baby unfolded, bring the sides into the center on the portion in front and bring up between the legs. This gives you 9 layers through the wet zone!
*Close with a Snappi, Bandie, Boingo or good old fashioned pins, the choice is yours! Note- some testers have had good luck with using the Snappi/Boingo on the velour, some have had better luck with pins for this fabric (pins glide through like butter!)
*In a hurry? No problem! WCW preflats can also be padfolded
Our extra stretchy fabrics allow for the perfect fit while the fun colors and patterns bring a little fun to an otherwise less than fun task. 
With 3 layers of hand dyed bamboo velour (70% viscose bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 2% polyester), WCW are trim yet absorbent. These are serged in soft woolly nylon thread for baby's comfort.
Because the rise can be folded down and adjusted, the sizing is very forgiving. Here are general guidelines, though you may find your little one will fit outside these. 
Small: 4-22 lbs, 13" full rise, comparable to an infant flat
Medium: 20-35 lbs, 16" full rise, comparable to a one size flat
Large: 30 lbs +, 19" full rise, comparable to an XL toddler flat
These have been washed several times during the prepping process and are ready to use. 
Simply machine wash and tumble dry, no bleach or fabric softener. I don't recommend washing with diapers with hook and loop (aplix or velcro) closures as they may catch on the terry and snag it.

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