WCW Lano Sheep - Unscented

Wild Coconut Wear

$ 8.00

WCW "Lano Sheep"

Lano Sheep are our take on lanolizing wool bars used to emulsify solid lanolin. Containing coconut oil-based soap & USP grade lanolin (and optional fragrance/essential oils, where specified) - these bars make perfect lanolizing 'milk' every time!

Can you use them just as wash bars? You totally can! Simple rub them under running water over your sink and create a nice bath with a hint of lanolin for your woolies. Or, rub them on stains like any soap. (Note, we always recommend rubbing ANY soap products on wet wool, not dry wool)

 Wool is very low maintenance, but eventually everyone has to wash it and relanolize it. When it's time to lanolize, simply wash your woolies with some non-lanolin wash (baby wash works great) to remove all dirt and urine salts and then rinse well. Run a mug full of hot water, add a tsp of solid lanolin per item, and a chunk of one of our emulsifying bars and stir until milky. Add it to a sink of clean warm water along with your wool and let sit for 15 mins to an hour. Remove your wool and let dry!

Lanolin is also what gives wool its waterproofing, antibacterial and urine neutralizing properties. There are many different lanolin products available on the market, and we love solid lanolin for the overall bullet-proofing it offers.

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