WCW Wool Interlock Footed Longies- Tree Stars- XS

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WCW Wool Interlock Footed Longies- Tree Stars- XS
WCW Wool Interlock Footed Longies- Tree Stars- XS
WCW Wool Interlock Footed Longies- Tree Stars- XS

Our footie longies are made entirely from our hand dyed 97/3 interlock wool in Tree Stars. This colorway consists of many shades of green that combine and split during the dyeing process to make a very unique pattern on each piece.

They have attached feet that have wool bottoms with a patch of recycled leather for non slip grip (S and SL sizes only).  These follow our cuffed longies pattern to the ankle. It is not recommended to size up much on the inseam as it can create a tripping hazard if they are too much too long. The stretch of the wool combined with the feet will allow these to be stretched down some additional length when the inseam is becoming short. Total foot length will stretch a little bit more for growing room since this is not a rigid fit.

XS - 7" inseam, 4.25" foot

S- 8.5" inseam, 4.75" foot

SL- 10" inseam, 5" foot

Our wool is super soft against your little ones skin.Cuffed longies give you a variable inseam that can be cuffed up or down to accommodate fast growing little legs.

Please remember that these do not have a gusset. Part of the inseam with will be between the legs/over the diaper area. Measuring another pair of pants that fits your child well can give you a good indicator of fit.

Have a sizing question? Please visit our Current Standard Sizing page.

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Arrives to you lanolized through the wet zone and ready to wear!

Residents of Ohio will be charged sales tax in checkout. Wool interlock is very stretchy, these sizes are all approximate. Please measure your child prior to ordering.Due to the intimate nature of the product, exchange is only available on flawed product and within 7 days of receipt.

More about WCW woolies:

Wool is naturally antibacterial from the lanolin in it that neutralizes urine, eliminating the smell. It’s also both moisture resistant and absorbent. Did you know that wool initially repels moisture back to the diaper, and then adsorbs up to 30% of it’s weight before feeling damp to the touch? While it’s doing all of that it’s also extremely breathable, which allows your little ones skin to stay happy and reduces rashes/redness. Our woolies are used for cloth diaper covers for day and night, toddler pants and extra moisture protection when using disposable diapers. 

Our woolies are handmade and hand dyed in our small studio in  USA. We offer various styles so you can find the perfect fit for your little one. All styles come with a scooped belly that maximises comfort for baby. We use 97% wool 3% spandex blend interlock. We have found this to be the best combination of durability,  thickness, softness and stretch.  All of our styles are pull on for easy and quick diaper changes and closure/elastic free for maximum comfort for baby.

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